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Google Ads/Shopping Questionnaire

Google Ads/Shopping Questionnaire

  • Your Details

  • Advertising Goals

  • We will advise on a budget based on what your competitors are spending, but let us know if you have a budget to stick to!
  • This could be sales, form submissions, calls, email links etc.
  • This helps us to determine and setup goals for the advertising campaign.
  • Products/Services

  • If you have multiple products/services, what should we be focusing on?
  • This helps us to determine an accurate cost per conversion goal. For example if you make $100 profit on product A and $50 on product B, spending $50 for every sale of product A would be a great goal, while $50 spent for every sale for product B would not be profitable.
  • If no, we may need to create landing pages. This is important to ensure high quality scores which is Google's way of determining how relevant the ad copy is to the page we are directing traffic to.
  • Google ads will help us determine this, but if you already know who your target audience is, we can hit the ground running!
  • Advertising History

  • Competitor Analysis