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Can I Manage My Website Myself?

Can I Manage My Website Myself?

25 April 2020 Website Care Plans

The short answer, technically yes.

The long answer, you probably shouldn’t. And here’s why:

1. Will you be able to quickly fix your website should something go wrong?

Many things can go wrong with a website, examples include getting hacked, outdated software causing errors or deleting something that shouldn’t have been deleted. Are you able to fix these errors quickly? Can you afford for your website to be down for the time your learning to fix it?

Hiring a website expert means any problems that pop up are fixed quickly. By the time you have figured out what the problem is to solve, it is likely a website expert could have identified and solved the issue, ensuring it does not pop up again.  

Its typical for small businesses to rely on friends or family to help them with their website, but can you rely on them to fix your website quickly and effectively in a time of need?

2. You might forget

There are so many things you may forget to do when managing your website that cause it to go down. You might forget to get a new SSL certificate when it expires. Or to consistently check if all plugins are updated. You might be too busy to manually check the functionality of your website regularly or to pay for the security software to protect your website.

Forgetting to maintain components of your website can lead to losing precious data whilst your website is down. Is it worth it?

3. It gets expensive

Website care plans usually give you access to some great pieces of software at an excellent price. You have to pay for the license to software you use, and it is recommended that you invest in software related to malware, security monitoring and firewalls on top of other costs (domain, hosting, plugins etc).

By investing in a website care plan, you probably have access to some great pieces of software at a fraction of the price. Your website expert can distribute those licensing costs amongst their clients thus sharing a bulk discount. By investing in a small fee for a care plan per month, you are likely saving money in the long term.

Business owners typically have a huge to do list. Having website managements on your list takes up precious time you could spend adding value elsewhere.

Protect your time and allow your website to truly shine with a quality website care plan.