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Protect Your Assets – Invest in Website Security

Protect Your Assets – Invest in Website Security

25 April 2020 Website Care Plans

Your website is a huge asset to your business. Its how you connect with clients, show you are an authority in your industry and how you convert casual readers into loyal customers.

You have probably spent lots of time and money creating your perfect website, but have you got insurance on it?

Think of a website care plan as website insurance, you are paying an expert to take care of your website and fix it should anything go wrong.

It’s easy to get complacent with website security as a small business owner, because you think that hackers won’t want to target a small business.

But hackers want to hack everything, every website is an opportunity to make a profit in their eyes. Having website insurance means you won’t have to buy your website back off a hacker or lose traffic if it breaks, because you are taking preventative measures.

Good website care plans will include some form of website security to protect your asset. We can’t talk about what everyone does, but we can talk about the security measures we offer and what we recommend.

Keeping your website up to date

Keeping your website up to date is a crucial way to keep your website secure.

If a hacker can get into a plugin you use, they can hack your website via that plugin. This is why it’s recommended you update your plugins as often as possible (monthly usually suffices). Plugins are updated by their developers to make sure their code keeps hackers out, by updating them you are updating your website security.

Running Regular Malware Scans:

Scanning your website regularly using a malware scanner is a great way to prevent future issues.

It’s very likely that by having a website care plan, your website expert already has access to great (and costly) malware scanners. They can spread that cost amongst multiple clients thus giving you a great bulk discount.  

By investing in a care plan, you also gain access to some invaluable web experience. Your expert knows exactly which security plugins to install immediately and which malware scanners offer the most value, so you really are getting the most bang for your buck.

Using a Firewall:

Firewalls are great at blocking hackers from trying to steal your data, breaking your encryptions or bypassing your other security measures.

Check to see if the website care plan you invest in uses an endpoint firewall as these can’t be bypassed. Though they are expensive, your website expert can purchase a license to use an endpoint firewall service and distribute those costs amongst clients, thus giving you another layer of security at a great cost.

Monitoring All Access:

Every website care plan should monitor who accesses the backend of your website. Your website expert will get notifications when someone tries to do this, they can also see their IP address and where in the world they are

If you are a small business based in Perth, and someone is trying to access your backend and they are in Russia, its likely they are a hacker. By having a constant monitoring system, you can kick those hackers out of your backend quickly.

Managing your own website security can quickly add up, and for some is quite boring. Ensuring your website with a quality care plan is a great way to stay ahead in terms of website security. Talk to the experts at Webstein about which care plan suits your security needs and protect your most valuable asset.