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Want to spend more time working on your business then in it?

Want to spend more time working on your business then in it?

21 October 2019 Website Care Plans

Free up your valuable time by investing in a website care plan.

Successful websites require constant attention, ongoing support and some technical know-how. If you aren’t a technical wizard, or are time poor, or would rather spend your time doing anything else, then a care plan is a wise investment.

A website care plan gives the tasks of updating, restoring, backing up and securing your website to an expert. These tasks are undertaken on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and you usually pay per month.

Depending on the package you invest in, it usually involves backing up your website daily, ensuring plugins and themes are up to date every month, managing your website security, running malware scans and even search engine optimisation.

Website care plans are a smart investment because you have probably spent a lot of time and money creating your website. You don’t deserve to see it become outdated or worse, or get hacked.  

By offloading these tasks to an expert, you don’t have to drop everything if something happens to your website, instead it’s likely your website expert is probably already working on the problem.

Here are the 3 main things a website plan should cover:

Your website should be backed up at least a few times per month, if not daily. This is so if anything should go wrong, you can restore a working back up version of your website in minutes and keep your website operating smoothly. All good care plans should contain backing up your website and tell you explicitly how often they do so.

WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates:
Good care plans include updating WordPress versions, your WordPress theme and your WordPress plugins monthly. If you don’t update these frequently you may see some display issues on your website and more importantly, you leave yourself vulnerable to be hacked.

If a hacker manages to get access to a WordPress theme or WordPress plugin, they can then access any website that is running that particular theme/plugin. Rest assured though, when a hacker does gain access, the theme or plugin developers will release an updated version to lock the hacker out. This is why it’s paramount to update WordPress versions, WordPress themes and WordPress plugins. A good website care plan should take care of all of this.

Hackers will try and get into every website possible, just because you are a small business does not mean you are invulnerable. You don’t want to buy your website back from a hacker because your security processes are outdated. Good care plans include ways to protect your website from spam, viruses and malware. Often these involve ensuring every software used on your website is up to date, monitoring who is trying to access your website (and doing something about it), running malware scans and blocking malicious traffic.

As a small business expenses add up easily and it can be hard knowing if each expense is truly worth it. Paying a small fee per month to ensure your website keeps bringing you customers is so valuable.

You deserve more free time to spend improving your business and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your website is being properly taken care of.

Talk to the experts at Webstein and find out which Website Care Plan package best suits your needs.