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7 Best Web Design Practices

April 25 2020 By admin

Almost anyone can get a website up and running in this day and age, but there is a huge distinction between simply having an online presence and having a beautifully designed website which will draw in customers immediately.  First impressions are everything, and it takes mere milliseconds for someone who has clicked on your site…

Web Design Pricing: How much should a website cost?

April 25 2020 By admin

There are some unavoidable costs when it comes to building and maintaining a beautiful website, which is an integral part of your business’s success in 2020’s digital landscape.  Website development can easily cost thousands of dollars and website prices vary depending on your designers and developers.  All too often, the focus becomes getting the job…

Can I Manage My Website Myself?

April 25 2020 By admin

The short answer, technically yes. The long answer, you probably shouldn’t. And here’s why: 1. Will you be able to quickly fix your website should something go wrong? Many things can go wrong with a website, examples include getting hacked, outdated software causing errors or deleting something that shouldn’t have been deleted. Are you able…

Protect Your Assets – Invest in Website Security

April 25 2020 By admin

Your website is a huge asset to your business. Its how you connect with clients, show you are an authority in your industry and how you convert casual readers into loyal customers. You have probably spent lots of time and money creating your perfect website, but have you got insurance on it? Think of a…

Want to spend more time working on your business then in it?

October 21 2019 By admin

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